Hello, I am Cheryl

You may be where I once was... 

but then I worked on me......

You are feeling ok, life is what it is right? You feel that success, joy, love, appears easier to come by for others. For you, you just can't express or pinpoint why you feel something is missing. Maybe you were always feeling this way or Covid has triggered unexpected issues.

You can't understand or appear to move on from painful, hurtful, remarks, memories.

Maybe you have had some form of counselling, coaching, therapy, and yet! after a while those feelings, thoughts, memories creep back and reinforce how you feel inside and now that compounds it. You certainly don't feel you are living your life in harmony at all!

You just accept that somethings are out of your reach and so get on with life.

You feel stuck, a heavy feeling inside, maybe physical pain as well as emotional pain.

As for me.......

My own personal experiences have brought me to the place where dealing with our physical bodies, our thoughts, are not enough for lasting change.

I blamed my abusive and narcissistic people in my past, my ex husband, and anyone else I thought would help me make sense of why I did what I did, and thought what I believed to be true. I self sabotaged myself without even realising I was as I blamed myself for the grief I felt in my life. 

I knew I could not go on smiling and being strong on the outside and in such grief and emotional pain inside.

Having found a therapist dealing with the subconscious, that changed it all for me.

I looked into the neuroscience of the mind, I re-trained in Reiki, I studied past life regression therapy, qualified in  hypnotherapy and threw myself into becoming a Master in mindfulness and meditation. For once I faced my pain, it was not easy, but in healing my life, so I found I was helping others heal theirs. 

I knew I wanted to feel I was at peace, joyful, positive, confident, and feel the energy of life, I was looking to create my own version of 'Living in Harmony'  within myself, my home environment, my relationships, my friends, without feeling I had no value, or worth.

It is from that experience ,and my passion, I found a calling to help other women try to balance it all and align themselves with their true  passion and healing that helps them light up and create from the soul.


Food & Me

My dad was a butcher and we always ate plenty of meat and each meal was followed by puddings. I never gave food a second thought, to me, it was something you did when you got hungry. I don't think I even knew anyone that worried about food, or what vitamins, minerals, good or bad food contained. I had a sweet tooth and most days I would wonder done the local sweet shop and buy bags of sweets.

In fact I loved sweets and sugary things more than meals itself.

As a teenager I was very skinny, always active and never bothered if I ate regular meals just grabbed whatever was available to take hunger away.

This continued into my young adult life, always having biscuits with a cuppa, never drinking much water, did not like the taste and generally oblivious to those that had weight issues.

Fast forward to my 40's and hell let loose as far as my body was concerned. It decided to get back at me in a vengeance. Weight piled on, cellulite increased, I felt so lethargic, and no matter what I did exercise wise, nothing happen enough for me to look at the content of what I was stuffing in my mouth. Sure, I read about diets and all of that, but they were not sustainable, well not to me.  Then my family and I moved to USA and with the huge amount of food portions there I was only then aware of how much and what I was really eating. After getting very sick with what I thought was food poisoning I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, something that my Aunty and my Father In Law had later in life. I was told it was caused by food mainly although not the sole cause. Either way the pain was unbearable and seeing the scan of what was going on inside me, was enough to make changes.

And so I did, I learned about food, what chemicals it had in it, how the body reacts, how my body reacted and how it had trouble digesting certain food. I tried various things and found I needed something that was healthy lifestyle eating not, diets as I knew that for me was not sustainable. 

All of the last decade or so has bought me to here, not only back home in UK but now with a huge passion to help others young and older, with inexpensive healthy sustainable lifestyle eating. Not compromising on treats and above all not feeling guilty as many do.

Putting what others do out of my mind and finding what works for my body, my lifestyle, and my well being became my focus and transformed me and still is, I am forever learning too.

My life, my journey has not been easy on many levels, but all of my colourful life and training means I can give and help others through my programs, retreats, events, and my subconscious work, hypnotherapy, heart frequency and Coaching.


Healthy Paleo


Nutrition Breakfast


Guilt Free Pancakes

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Delicious No Cook Treats

“Restoring Natural Harmony is not something impossible or just for others. It's a conscious choice, a practice, it takes courage to be honest about the life we want for ourselves as we go through this life. Living and Restoring harmony is a balance both physically, emotionally, spiritually and how we choose to live. It's a series of choices we have to make everyday to be who and what we are, to be real. It's the choice to allow our true inner light and soul be seen and have the courage to take the steps to do that."

- Cheryl Frampton

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