Women's Sacred Circle
Date for 2020 to be announced soon.
Hamblin Centre, Main Road, Bosham PO18 8PJ UK

The History of Women’s Circles

There is evidence of spiritual ritual gatherings occurring possibly as early as 300,000 years ago. Back when we lived in Tribes or Communities both men and women had these Circles to connect through ritual, story-telling, dance and music.  In ancient times, both men and women shared stories around the fire, and, in fact, they still do in indigenous tribes around the world.
These meetings provide meaning and direction in life. Gathering in circle is a vital element in human life. More and more women are discovering its power for healing, meaning making and enriching communications.









An age-old ritual for the wellness—and #MeToo—era

When Women sit in a circle- in a sacred and safe space- It is Empowering.

Women’s circles offer a supportive space for friendship, without the focus on professional identity, together we will share space with grounded ritual, story telling, inspirational and talks, energy work and hands on activities to look at where our blocks are in regards to Self Love. Each woman we believe they will leave the circle feeling more empowered and inspired. Each woman will have ideas, tools to take with her, and we hope each woman will feel more connected to the women in the circle and not alone.

For each women in the circle some may want their minds to stop the chatter, others may need  more confidence, acceptance, clarity, and quiet. Several women said they wanted to slow down in general and learn to switch off. Our When Women Circle get togethers offer all of this and more. A space where no woman is judge, or advice given, but a supportive space to speak from the " I" perspective and allow their own thoughts and energy to flow.

If you are interested in our upcoming circles or want to know more about hosting your own, please contact us.

Women's Sacred Circles-Find Out more here.
In our circles you get to express the things you’ve wanted to say for a long time and be met with loving acceptance instead of judgment.
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