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Hi, Welcome to our new Heal The Woman Inside Group. We are here to help and support all women that have found themselves affected by abusive, controlling and narcissistic relationships. We believe that only from within, dealing with our self chatter, and often self sabotage can we truly heal and attract the life we want for ourselves and family.
Working with holistic therapist, and Universal Energy, that of mind, body spirit that changes can be made. Activating the Law of Attraction.

If you are a holistic therapist we are happy for you to post here those treatments that help. If you are a woman that has found a treatment helpful or have something to say on your own journey you are welcome to post here.

Please no judgment- no swearing- this group is all about supporting, healing and helping other women as the divine energy beings we are. 

 Cheryl Frampton is trained Intuitive and Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Mindfulness and Self Compassion Coach, Abuse Advocate, author, speaker and reader of the Chakra Cards. Her aim is to offer insight ,energy, friendship and support.. Cheryl has created the TWis Tribe Soul Gathering for the purpose of online and offline retreats. As this group grows, we hope you find it informative, supportive and helpful.

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Founder Cheryl Frampton launched the TWis website in the summer of 2019 only six months after returning back to UK after 14 years living and working in the USA with the aim to create a safe and holistic space for treatments, including Reiki, mindfulness & meditation, healing, Intuitive coaching along with fun creative workshops and soulful retreats for the individual or team building.

The Reason?

Cheryl is a trained Transformational Rapid Life Coach, Intuitive Coach,Reiki Master, Certified Mindfulness & Mediation Coach as well as Certified Advocate SPACC and Inspirational Teacher, and Author. Cheryl combined all of this with her unshakable belief in the ability of women, the importance of energy and how that effects our well-being.

After recent years of teaching creative workshops, in colour therapy, using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as  creating events of various sizes for companies who wished to bring awareness to their brand and Reiki, Cheryl then combined all of her experiences to focus her passion on the importance of helping women find their own passion.

Cheryl started TWis as she was inspired by so many women she had met and who's courage and desire to learn about what they wanted, and ignite their own search to bring awareness to how they were feeling inside. Many women live their life with what is expected of them and not what they expect for themselves.

Cheryl believes that by connecting with a community of women who wish to improve not only their mental and physical wellbeing but also improving the balance of family life and demands. In some cases, this was not just about a change of attitude or awareness within but a change of outward appearance as well. Many women feel pressured by social media, work, and in general, not feeling 'good enough'. They are concerned with what others think of them first, but never what THEY think of themselves first.

We are working with others to not just help the inner voice in us, but also how our environment has a significant  impact on our energy and state of mind. Whether it's holistic decluttering our homes, understanding our seven chakras or the effect of colour and vibration in regards to our environment and personal health and growth.

What TWIS Does?

TWis is a holistic platform to connect women with each other through blogs, podcasts and downloads all offering on and offline services with other women through healing, coaching, creative workshops, retreats and events. 

What TWis hopes to do is motivate and empower women of all ages through workshops and 1 to 1 coaching to help recognise and release those fears and beliefs that hold us back from living our daily life and creating the environment and life we want for ourselves and our families. This helps women grow on both a personal and business level to be the best they can for themselves.

The Woman Inside hopes to connect with other like minded women and businesses to offer the full range of workshops, fun events to cover those aspects of community, friendships, wellness, nutrition, healing, makeovers, and much more, all under the banner of 'The Woman Inside'.

2020 will see the first TWis retreat, 6 Week Mindfulness & Meditation course and other events. Dates and information will be available soon as possible. Please bare with us while we work to create this for you. 


Cheryl will be adding her own workshops from other helpful holistic trainers as part of 'The Women Inside' community.

If you are interested in being part of 'The Women Inside' then contact

Cheryl at

Stanley Tucci & Cheryl Frampton- Sarasota Film Festival 2007

Annie Sloan & Cheryl Frampton -Training Workshop.

Women With Moxie Event

First Junk Refunk Creative Event

Creative Workshops

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world

when they find their true inner woman.


When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. 

Henry Ford.

Our aim to is help those women through a sense of community who wish to explore what they may feel no longer works for them. To help those who would like to find out how their own limited self beliefs, the way they think can hold them back from what they would like to create, learn, about themselves.

To find the tools that will help heal from within as they go through various emotional and physical stages in life.

Women more than ever are searching to come together, to support each other, have fun in the process and learn as we all tread waters not always known.

Our holistic treatments, workshops, retreats, events are structured to offer support for the whole woman, including our environment, homes and the effect that do impact our wellbeing.

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we are working on with our trainers offering a host of workshops, classes for 'The Woman Inside'.