Lesley- UK

Cheryl has helped me understand and make mindset changes over time as I can manage without pushing. Her ability to coach in a non- judgemental way and understanding of abuse and trauma was reassuring. Now I am excited as i  experience shifts in my life that I never thought possible. 

Name Withheld- UK

I work within the  media and while I wanted to share my experience with working with Cheryl, I knew I had to keep this private. Cheryl  has a way of  picking up energy blockages and pain that I have not experienced with anyone else I had tried before. Her Spontaneous Energy Shift healing was something very emotional for me and not expected. I feel totally different about my work  and most of all myself. Now I can finally moved on.

Sally- UK

I was so  thankful and energised after hearing your talk on Spontaneous Energy Shift Program.

Both my sister and I booked our first session with you and immediately  knew what we needed to shift and come to terms with from our abusive father. We both use your anchor picture now when faced with peeling back the layers. True Godsend. Thank you.

"I don't know how Cheryl does what she does. Her Transformational Coaching combined with RTT is truly mind blowing. Within a few sessions I felt the shift, not just in my own mindset, but my energy, heart and releasing old thought patterns I never knew I was repeating! This is not ordinary therapy and I have spent thousands over the years and this is by far the icing on the cake"
Suzanna USA
Don't Look Back! You're Not Going That Way!
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