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What can Reiki treat?
Stress, pain, diseases.  It can also be used together with other complementary therapies and medical treatments.Reiki helps reduce stress within the body therefore triggering the body’s natural healing process to begin thereby working towards a lovely feeling and restoring  of total wellbeing.


How long does a treatment last and how much does it cost?
Approx. 1 hour although the first treatment will be 11/2 hours for a brief consultation for the Practitioner to assess your situation and where you are within yourself.
The first appointment only is £50 but all further treatments will be £40.


How many treatments will I need?
People are different and have different needs, especially chronic illnesses which may take a longer time period to heal as there are many aspects in one persons life and healing.  Generally speaking some prefer to have a few treatments quickly and then come back once a month or so for top-ups in order to maintain a healthy body & mind.


What happens during a treatment?
Reiki is an extremely relaxing, rejuvenating and can be emotional experience and is personal to each individual.  Clients are requested to lie on a couch, or sit depending on treatment, but remain fully clothed, and then invited to close their eyes and relax listening to soothing background music and just breath and relax. During this time the Reiki energy will be activated and will flow through the practitioner to your own energy/chakras. Some feel a calming heat, some feel a soothing coolness and others mix of both, however, the Universal Energy knows what you need and will be personal to you.


What about Aftercare?
It is recommended that you drink plenty of water post treatment and try to relax for the rest of the day if possible and avoid alcohol.  Most feel a sense of wellbeing continuing after their treatment, however, should you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Are Reiki Practitioners Regulated?
As a member of the UK Reiki Federation practitioners and the FHT we are bound by a Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice. The UK Reiki Federation is self-regulated and approved by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.  All treatments are carried out in the strictest confidence.
Interested and want to know more- please contact me, I am happy to help.
Love & Light
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