Sunday morning, bank holiday here in the UK. I thought the perfect time to try and get another blog post out. Mind you; it has been a bloody busy week. Still trying to find my way, get settled and launch a business. It’s scary, but needs must, and my love of it all takes over.

I made some new friends this week at a networking meeting, hmmm! still not sure what to make of some of these, but the people are lovely. I have to say and most helpful. I have caught up with old friends too. Which brings me to this post. I bet many of you have heard the term hygge right! ( pronounced hoo-ga) it is derived from Denmark some years ago and taken over Pinterest and the Internet by storm over the last few years.

Why? Because it represents a happier and less stressful life, and most of all trying to get us to be present, you know, ‘in the moment’. I would say it is a quality of comfort, cosiness, feeling of contentment and striving for well being within ourselves and our surroundings.

As I am going about creating a new style, bring in colour to my home, get outside my comfort zone so to speak, I thought about some of the people I have met over the years that are all trying to find this feeling. I have helped many understand the role colour has in our lives and where we use it in our homes and how the placement of furniture for better flow and energy; however, it’s not just about those things is it? It then made sense that particularly as life gets busier, families, works, kids, and life in general, we all are striving for that feeling of Aha! Being glad to be home.

I use to think that our surroundings would bring that, update, up-cycle, repaint and all of that. You know what? of late it’s more about, the feeling, created at the moment, not just in the style of our home, but regardless of whether we have finished decorating it or remodelling, we still need to create in that chaos that sacred space, the overall feeling and so I came to the conclusion hygge is more a way of life.

I think the Danish-American writer Tove Maren Stakkestad says it best:

“Hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt .”

And so on that basis, I looked deeper at that statement. Then I went about looking at my surroundings and my morning ritual so differently.

Someone said this when I was chatting about this,’ yeah I know of hygge, that’s the winter wrap up thing’, ‘But it’s not I blurted out.’

Chunky knits, comfy clothes, candles, lots of plants, real and faux, fire glowing along with family, friends, a good book, hot drinks, or in my case jolly big glass of wine, oops! It is much more, and I would dare to say a lifestyle that does not always come easy for some. After all, Denmark is supposed to be one of the happiest countries in the world, and this whey the term hygge thing come from that.

HYGGE IS A STATE OF MIND. I would say that more than anything is about FEELING it regardless of the time of year.

My morning ritual is not now about having coffee, and hop on my phone or laptop first thing. It’s the coffee for sure, big mug, but stretching, listening to music, while I get ready. It’s taking a quick walk if I can, then, checking my phone and sitting down to sort out my goals. This morning routine change is not easy, certainly taking time to walk 10 mins around the gardens here. That was hard for me, as I was so eager to check my phone and laptop.

If you are not sure what I am rambling on about, there are lovely books, blogs, and ideas out there. I was going to put some tips together for you on hygge but thought as there are so much info on it and books, better coming from them.

What I wanted to do was share my thoughts on it because I would love to know if any of you have heard of hygge and have been doing this simple art of living long before there was a word for it.

There was me last night in my hygge mode, cuppa, cosy knitted throw, sloppy clothes and sock, and candles going, music and a good book. Old sod was in London to see a show. When he comes in late, the music goes off while he tells me about the show, the candles off because they catch his eye, moves the cushions because they are not as comfy as his old one.

You could say my hygge moment did not last long, as funny as old sod was.


Whatever you are doing have a great week.

Much love Cheryl

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