My Home is My Safety- But Not Always!

Hello, I want to be a little more personal on my own blog than on my business page, for obvious reasons. Having moved back home after 14 yrs in the USA. I can’t honestly say it was an easy decision. Nope, my two sons and three grandkids are still there. It is lovely particularly for old sod as he has his two grown-up children and one grandchild here, so it is not like I don’t have some family here, but yes! It still was mix emotions.

Time for old sod to make memories with his kids, time to not stress over the vast medical cost of living in the UK to be insured and God help you get sick. Some family members I wanted to be near to through their health struggles.

Throughout my many many house moves, I had learned to create a feeling and energy in the home, safety. I might not always had much money in my younger years, but my home, the styling of my house, not fearing to try new colours, and just understanding how the placement of furniture, colour, how that affects our moods all came over time and many years training.

However, I am very much aware that for some, home is anything but SAFE. Oh bloody hell I get that, my twenties were anything but that, two abusive husbands and the abuse, both mentally and emotionally, financially, was in some cases extreme. My home was a place of fear, and I longed with all my energy for a SAFE home. Envied those women who had safe and happy houses. On the back of those experiences, I wrote my life story up to my life in 2001. Then a very small follow up a book called, ‘Survival Tips’. I wanted to make sense of what I had experiences, my choices, what effect it had on my children. I needed to understand how I fell in love with abusive men. And above more than that how I could find the courage to break free.

I was invited to become an expert on the Trisha Show on ITV to give advice. (does anyone remember that show?) I made a promise to myself that no matter what, one day, regardless of whether I rented a room, a house, or I owned, when I did, I would make sure myself and my kiddos never felt the fear we had all experienced again.

So there you have a little bit about why interiors, styling, colour, furniture painting, inexpensive makeovers, and combining all of that to bring a cohesive look regardless of your style would be my goal. I have achieved many things good and bad in my life and trained in many situations to gain understanding and knowledge. But nothing keeps me grounded or brings me joy than my home and the feelings of peace and creativity it brings.

I have no idea as I get better at this blogging thing, where it will take me, but I do know I want to continue to bring ideas, and inspiration to others if I possibly can in the land of social media.

So with that, I will sign off now and will do my best.

Thanks for reading

Much love Cheryl

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