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How many of you may have guessed that I would start this blog post on colour with Annie Sloan? Remember in my first post I mentioned how creativity and painting anything that gave me a calmness, balance, and this still applies to me today.

Annie Sloan & Me- Training Refresh.

My chatting with you will be honest and open because that is me. With social media it is so easy to portray the perfect life, home, family and yet I know this is not the case with many I follow. In choosing to write about the home and well-being, also means honesty. When I decided to become a #anniesloan stockist back in the USA, I had left a job at a law firm. Remember, I mentioned how we lost everything. Well old sod and I did like many in the thousands during the recession. We lost our entire life savings, our home, and starting over at 52 and old sod 62 was the most scared I have been of our future.

We clawed our way back, worked like mad, did the very best we could and eventually got on our feet and brought a home again. The decision to give up regular income and take a chance on opening a shop based on #anniesloan Chalk Paint should have been difficult, but it wasn’t. I just knew that this paint was healing, therapy, relaxed, creative, and I also knew me. I NEEDED TO PAINT AND TEACH.

You can vary the shades of green and use a complementary colour (opposite) on the colour wheel.

The problem was I was not drawn to all colours! Nope! I loved painting with it, well, most of the time, but I gravitated towards neutrals. Colour was just something I found hard, but why?

Then as I studied the psychology of colour, learnt about tone, vibration and what colour says about our personalities, and training with Annie Sloan herself, I also noticed in my workshops that I could understand why someone was choosing certain colours or combinations. How our emotions are influenced by colour and circumstances.

Green can be seen as bringing new life to a room, bringing the outside in. It can be calming in the right place or on an accent wall. There are several shades of green, and most work well blended together. Try Amsterdam Green, Antibes, Chateau Grey, Olive, you can also mix any of them with white neutrals to vary the shade without using a complementary colour.

So What Does Colour Say About Your Personality? Would you agree or not?

Companies now have used workshops with their employees with colour to help

with understanding each employees personalities. It’s a fun way instead of the

often personality test given by some companies when interviewing.

Green. Often chosen in the home for calmness. Many who gravitate towards green are

affectionate, loyal and straight to the point. They intend to be very aware of what others

are thinking of them and consider how they are viewed as necessary. Green gives the balance emotionally needed.

Yellow. Given a chance you love to learn and enjoy sharing what you have learned with others. You always try to be bright, happy and show that side of yourself even if underneath you may not feel that. Yellow is your uplifting colour, in the home or wearing something yellow lifts their energy.

Blue. Blue and most shades of blue are often chosen by personalities that seek harmony, can be very sensitive to others. They like to keep things in order, clean and feel happiest when feeling stable. Generous to others.

Purple. In choosing Purple, you often see very artistic and creative personalities.Although they show respect for other artistic personalities at times, they can come across as arrogant, although not meaning to be.

Red. We all know the stories of Red, and while a touch of red in the bedroom is lovely, it is an intense colour if not balanced out. So with Red personalities, the need for balance as they love to live their life to the fullest, are often determined and somewhat can be stubborn.

White. In my workshop those choosing white were the easiest to read, you just knew they were seeking a more organised and simpler life. The room they wanted in white or their whole house, meant new beginnings and starting something new. Most people who love white need to have logic and no clutter in their lives. If they do have confusion in their lives by others, this completely throws their balance and energy.

Black. Many who love black are very sensitive, creative personalities. Although not shy they are cautious with information about work, lives and do not feel comfortable sharing emotions and feeling secure with others.

Brown. Not a flashy sort of personality, really prefer a simple, quiet, stable life. It’s important to them to work hard and be seen as dependable.

Although not set in stone, I found the phycology of colour fascinating and saw how close it was to personalities in my own workshops.

You know what? We see in three primary colours: Red, Yellow and Blue? All the other colours are are combinations of these primary colours, fascinating. We all know Yellow and Blue = Green. I don’t know how true this is myself, but one of my customers once told me that Zip Lock Bags once had the seal in Yellow and Blue so that the consumer would know it was sealed when it turned Green.

Well as I don’t cook or know much about Zip Lock bags, I can’t honestly say I saw that, maybe some of you may know.

So much to talk about colour in our homes and for our wellbeing, but that my luvs are another chat post. However, I am introducing more colour to my home, and I thought I would ask myself why? Why now? What does it mean? Because I am nervous starting all over again truth be told, I love connecting with people and see creativity as healing, important whatever that is for you. I want to lighten up, so hence trying yellow, but I need the balance, calmness of mind, hence the green.

Here is a little fun thing for you to do to find out what your true colour is. When I used to pop out to customers homes for a colour consult, many would say for instance that they did not like yellow, or blue or whatever. What I did was go around all their rooms and note colours. Example, the colours in bedding, cushions, curtains, accessories, flooring, rugs. You jot those colours down under each room. Then when you look at them all, you will usually see there is a predominant colour jumping out at you. You would be amazed how many customers told me they were blue or green and hate yellow, only to see that most of what they had chosen had yellow in it.

It’s an insight, fun way and helped them and me with choosing a refresh or new style altogether. If you do this, let me know how you get on please?

Then pop along to your nearest #anniesloanstockist and grab a colour chart, either that or pour yourself a jolly big glass of wine and go with the flow. Lol.

Failing that Colour Recipes from Annie Sloan has everything you will need to understand about colour, complementary colour and lots more info.

I found it most helpful. 

Much Love Cheryl

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