Annette Gardner

My name is Annette Gardner and I love tidying and cleaning - yes I really do!    I also love essential oils and have been working with them for some years and know the benefits of toxic free lifestyle on health and wellness.   So I decided to combine the two and Feeling Gorgeous Homes was born.     


My background is in PR and marketing and I ran my own fashion PR business for many years working in London which I really enjoyed. After about 5 years my friend Debbie invited me to be part of a new business she had created called Looking Gorgeous by bringing in information about natural therapies. So we went into partnership and I suggested adding Feeling Gorgeous to the name as you can't look good if you don't feel good. I also worked with another friend Anne clearing negative energy in homes under the title of Holistic House Doctor.


However then my mother became ill and passed 6 months after my step-daughter died in a hit and run accident so it was a very difficult time and I wasn't able to continue working with Debbie. After a long period of recovery I decided to change direction and turn my hobby of natural health and wellness into a business.

I created and found doTerra essentials oils and have worked with these for the past two years.  

Now I have decided to expand the business into Feeling Gorgeous Homes working in other areas of interest that I have. For some years I  ran a curtain making business and have helped my husband renovate and rent several homes; plus I worked  in estate agency and have a diploma in Home Interior Design and Garden Design I am a trained happiness and empowerment coach and have a natural empathy with people and love to help them clear their 'stuff' both emotionally and physically. 


I have worked through a lot of this myself and totally understand how people can get stuck with clutter.  It can take time to move out of a dark place but I've discovered its a journey rather than a switch!   


Annette Gardner

Tel:07956 924329

“Restoring Natural Harmony is not something impossible or just for others. It's a conscious choice, a practice, it takes courage to be honest about the life we want for ourselves as we go through this life. Living and Restoring harmony is a balance both physically, emotionally, spiritually and how we choose to live. It's a series of choices we have to make everyday to be who and what we are, to be real. It's the choice to allow our true inner light and soul be seen and have the courage to take the steps to do that."

- Cheryl Frampton

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