Annette Gardner

My name is Annette Gardner and I love tidying and cleaning - yes I really do!    I also love essential oils and have been working with them for some years and know the benefits of toxic free lifestyle on health and wellness.   So I decided to combine the two and Feeling Gorgeous Homes was born.     


My background is in PR and marketing and I ran my own fashion PR business for many years working in London which I really enjoyed. After about 5 years my friend Debbie invited me to be part of a new business she had created called Looking Gorgeous by bringing in information about natural therapies. So we went into partnership and I suggested adding Feeling Gorgeous to the name as you can't look good if you don't feel good. I also worked with another friend Anne clearing negative energy in homes under the title of Holistic House Doctor.


However then my mother became ill and passed 6 months after my step-daughter died in a hit and run accident so it was a very difficult time and I wasn't able to continue working with Debbie. After a long period of recovery I decided to change direction and turn my hobby of natural health and wellness into a business.

I created and found doTerra essentials oils and have worked with these for the past two years.  

Now I have decided to expand the business into Feeling Gorgeous Homes working in other areas of interest that I have. For some years I  ran a curtain making business and have helped my husband renovate and rent several homes; plus I worked  in estate agency and have a diploma in Home Interior Design and Garden Design I am a trained happiness and empowerment coach and have a natural empathy with people and love to help them clear their 'stuff' both emotionally and physically. 


I have worked through a lot of this myself and totally understand how people can get stuck with clutter.  It can take time to move out of a dark place but I've discovered its a journey rather than a switch!   


Annette Gardner

Tel:07956 924329

Don't Look Back! You're Not Going That Way!
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