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For as long as I can remember, I have had the thought that at some point everything will have to go full circle.  In my mind's eye as a child I envisioned this as abandoning the car and returning to horse and cart. My young self had no idea of the global environmental realities and the sense of personal pressure and disconnect that many people now experience as their norm.

One thing I have come to realise from my client work is that no matter the reason people initially seek me out, common themes are the wish to be able to connect more easily to their inner self, to their natural sense of joy (did you even realise that joy is actually our natural state?  The realities of daily life often obscure this.), to a sense of inner peace. To feel calm, content and connected to self.


To feel happy and to have clarity and a sense of direction, of life purpose. To me things seem to be shifting very fast.  People - both men and women - are becoming more aware of and are striving to live more in line with their intuitive awareness, whatever that means to them individually, notwithstanding the constraints and claims on time that are the reality of our modern lives.  I see my work as contributing to this, whether it is through 121 sessions, or teaching  techniques, or giving talks or running workshops, etc. If any of this resonates with you do get in touch so you can investigate how I might best be of use to you. 

“Restoring Natural Harmony is not something impossible or just for others. It's a conscious choice, a practice, it takes courage to be honest about the life we want for ourselves as we go through this life. Living and Restoring harmony is a balance both physically, emotionally, spiritually and how we choose to live. It's a series of choices we have to make everyday to be who and what we are, to be real. It's the choice to allow our true inner light and soul be seen and have the courage to take the steps to do that."

- Cheryl Frampton

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